In a Nutshell

A UX Manager with a background in data driven UX & UI design focusing on delivering seamless customer experiences which align both customers needs and business goals by leveraging qualitative and quantitative data and testing.

With demonstrated experience in a range of industries including retail, telecommunication, government, agency and more with a total online career spanning 13 years.

Being well-versed in UX research, prototyping, front-end development, A/B testing, UI design, and have a proven understanding of marketing with hands on experience in SEO, SEM and running Facebook campaigns.

I thrive in a collaborative environment, and enjoy working in cross functional, high-performing and diverse teams.

Employment Snapshot

  • Hanes Brands - UX Manager
  • Bonds / Sheridan / Berlei / Champion / Bras N Things
  • Jul 2018 - present
  • Pas Group - UX Manager
  • Review / Jets Swimwear / White Runway / Black Pepper
  • Jul 2015 – Jul 2018
  • Bureau of Meteorology - UI Designer
  • Jun 2015 – Jul 2015
  • Bencha Group - E-commerce Manager
  • Hippo Blue / Cupcake Central
  • Oct 2014 – May 2015
  • Vocus Group - Web Developer / Designer
  • Dodo / Iprimus / Pendo
  • Feb 2012 – Oct 2014
  • Method Studios - Junior Motion Designer
  • Iloura / Digital Pictures
  • Jan 2007 – Jan 2012

Skills & Experience


  • Managed and grew on-shore and off-shore teams across multiple companies
  • End to end project management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Experience liaising with data, design, development, content and marketing teams

UX Research


  • Hotjar
  • Google Analytics


Demonstrated experience running design sprints in 6 phases: understanding, defining, sketching, deciding, prototyping, and validation.

UI Design, Prototyping & Testing

Preferred Software

  • Figma
  • Useberry
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Google Optimize

I am well-versed with the following software but have found no real use for them in recent years.

  • Adobe XD
  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • Optimizely
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Unbounce


  • HTML
  • SASS
  • Javascript & Jquery

Other Skills

Most of the following skills are rarely used, however I have experience with all listed.


With 2 years of experience in Dodo’s marketing team, I have experience in:

  • E-mail marketing and development
  • Facebook campaigns
  • SEM Campaigns
  • SEO

Motion design

  • After Effects
  • 3D Studio Max


  • 3D Studio Max


  • Canon EOS 60D / lighting equiptment / multiple lenses.
  • Photo-retouching.
  • Photo manipulation.

Employment Details

Hanes Brands - UX Manager

  • Bonds / Sheridan / Berlei / Champion / Bras N Things
  • Website:
  • Jul 2018 - present

I am the UX manager for the Hanes Australasia business overseeing all digital projects for all brands within the Australasian market.

I liaise with the heads of e-commerce for each brand and perform all UX research and non-campaign UI design for each project presenting findings and designs to key stakeholders.

I work with core business divisions such as data, marketing, design and development teams to see each project through from inception to completion.

Key Achievements

  • End to end delivery of over 60 projects at time of writing (11/05/2020)
  • Largest projects included:
    • Completed audits for the Bonds, Sheridan and BNT CLP, PDP and Checkout pages which have seen double digit revenue uplifts
    • Worked on all UX & UI elements for the digital personalisation and AI & ML strategies for all brands which saw double digit revenue uplifts
    • Worked on the UX & UI header elements for Bonds and Bras N Things which included: reworked UI, overhaul of the site search experience (not live/in testing)
    • Worked on all UX for the relaunched ‘Baby Search’ campaign which is Australia’s largest competition across all industries which saw the lowest calls to customer service in its history thanks to an improved and clearer UX
    • Launched the customer contact and support hubs for all brands reducing call volumes by over 50%
    • Worked on all UX & UI for the updated Bonds return journey

PAS Group - UX Manager

  • Review / Jets Swimwear / White Runway / Black Pepper
  • Website:
  • Jul 2015 - Jul 2018

After a promotion to become the UX manager (from UX developer) for the PAS Group I oversaw the execution of all digital projects for all brands.

I reported to the digital project manager and would perform all UX research and non-campaign UI design for each project presenting designs to top level executives.

I worked with the development team to see each project through from inception to completion.

Similar to my current role.

Key Achievements

  • Completed entire site re-launches for the Review, White Runway and Black Pepper brands in charge of all UX research and UI design, and also ensuring each site followed best practice from a front-end and SEO perspective
  • Launched garment personalisation for White Runway
  • Oversaw the implementation from a UX & UI perspective of Algolia search, Bazaar voice reviews and the Braintree payment gateway
  • Overhauled the email marketing methodology and design approach increasing open rates and click throughs

Bureau of Meteorology - UI Designer

I came to the Bureau of Meteorology as a contractor to find opportunities to improve the user experience based on already completed user research for the floods and forecasting sections of the website.

Key Achievements

  • Designed new experiences based on user behaviour and user stories.

Bencha Group - E-commerce Manager

Bencha Group is a small start up in which I reported to the directors of the Group.

My role was to manage a small team of one developer, one marketer, and two designers, and to execute the digital growth strategies.

Even though my title was manager, the role was still very hands on and would help with design, development, photography and marketing.

Key Achievements

  • Transformed and re-launched the Hippo Blue and Cupcake Central website following UX & SEO best practices. I created all style guides and branding, website design, marketing assets, re-shot all photography and re-wrote website copy
  • I set-up the Hippo Blue re-marketing strategy, strategies for email list growth, social growth, connected affiliate partners and set up the relationship with an SEM agency
  • After the executing the above Hippo Blue saw the following YOY growth:
    • Website desktop conversion rates grow from 6.10% to 14.11%
    • E-mail list growth went up 24%
    • EDM click through rates grew from 2.0% to 3.7%
    • Facebook likes per day grew from a receding amount to an average +100 per day

Vocus Group - Web Developer / Lead Designer

Created website and landing page designs.

Managed the company owned off-shore team of three designers and one developer.

Key Achievements

  • Launched the No Worries website
  • Designed and developed product landing pages and split test changes in Unbounce
  • Provided volunteer work for a not for profit organisation

Method Studios - Mid Level Designer

Created work for key clients including Nike, Icon Films, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Australian Film Institute and more.

Key Achievements

  • Helped create the Honey Nut Cheerio's augmented reality game which won multiple awards